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There are dozens of software company in India offering different sort of services like SEO Marketing, eCommerce solution, eBusiness solution, Facebook advertising, Google Adwords, Startup services and many others. Bulk SM, Bulk Email, Bulk Email Marketing, Toll Free Number, etc. are also some of the important services render by software companies. TechTraf Software Pvt. Ltd. is India’s most leading software company with high clientele and goodwill into the market. Other than the basic services we also provide other services like bulk email marketing, toll free number, bulk SMS, etc.


Bulk SMS:

If you want to save your money and also wants to reach your customers/audience reliably then bulk SMS service is finest and shortest medium. By incorporating this service you can do these things very easily without any hurdles, whether you have small, medium or a large enterprise. This platform is considered ideal as you can instantly distribute information at a single click to multiple mobile users. Benefits of bulk SMS services are not only limited to this even one can compliment or replace accessible efforts by using it.

Bulk Email:

Bulk email services are similar like services of Bulk SMS. In this service also you can reach to multiple customers at once. Bulk email services have two different types one is Bulk email hosting and other one is bulk email marketing. You are owner of a small enterprise or a large it doesn’t matter, profits and desired outcomes are assured by using this service.

Bulk Email Hosting

It is one of the methods of internet marketing. This is a kind of advertising which depends on sending email advertisements to folks, just to give personal approach to the advertising.

If you want to get your business ahead, bulk email hosting is a sound way. It helps you to beat the competition in this digital world of marketing and advertising services and products. Unlike the other forms of marketing bulk email hosting is the cheapest one.

Bulk Email Marketing

It is an efficient and powerful marketing tool that should be there in the marketing plan of every organization. Your online marketing plan is incomplete without bulk email marketing services. It helps you to attract the attention of customers towards your products and services. The services of bulk email marketing just works through opt-in lists. If the bulk emails are sent to targeted audience they are read and also attract regular and repeated visits of the customers.

Toll Free Number

Everybody thinks this why their business needs toll free number and is it really worth of having one. Yes, it is necessary if you want to expand roots of your online business and want to attain high customer satisfaction.

Toll free number is a way that is provided to the customer by business owner to call them for their queries and complains at no charge.